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    Lighting Experts.

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    Audio Systems.
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    System Installations.
From fixtures to cable, from gel to lamps, from batons to gobos and from the booth to the rail, we have the best products for your needs. Our staff of professionals is ready to assist with all your lighting needs.
Oft forgotten and always a chore, every theater needs houselights. We specialize in high end house lights that are not only easy to use and program, but are bright and color- balanced to suit your space.
When it comes to stage rigging, consult with the experts at YES Theatrical. From the simplest Dead Hung System to sophisticated Computer Controlled Motorized Systems, the rigging experts at YES Theatrical will help you design, install and maintain a system customized to meet your needs. We also provide service and upgrades to existing systems.
A well designed audio system is just as important to a stage or auditorium as its lighting system. Just like our lighting service, we are experienced in both initial installation and ongoing maintenance/upgrades to existing systems.
At YES Theatrical, we offer custom sewing of stage draperies to conform to any need. We offer traditional curtain fabrics such as: Cotton Velour, Synthetic Velour, Lightweight Velour Commando Cloth & Duvetyn. Along with a variety of linings materials such as: Wool Serge, Denim, Blackout Lining, RB Cloth Poly Chintz and more!
Versatile and reliable, YES offers many styles of auditorium chairs that will accommodate any decor or function. We offer school auditorium, cinema, movie, theater chairs and church seating with varying seat widths, back pitch, shape, and color. Plus, we offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty to ensure that your seating investment is protected.
When the time comes for an expendables order, or an emergency, YES Theatrical has you covered.
Every theater, school, library and performance space is different. Our team will sit down with you and assist you in building the best custom lighting, audio or rigging system for your space.
Replace Your Fluorescents with LED Bulbs and Save Money.