Drapes & Soft Goods

We offer custom sewing of stage draperies to conform to any need.

Whether your need is for a school, church, community theatre or other architectural applications, our Representatives will help guide you in making the best decision for your application.

We offer traditional curtain fabrics such as:

  • Cotton Velour
  • Synthetic Velour
  • Lightweight Velour
  • Commando Cloth & Duvetyn
  • Along with a variety of linings materials such as:
  • Wool Serge
  • Denim
  • Blackout Lining
  • RB Cloth
  • Poly Chintz
  • and more

Plus we offer a variety of accessories, such as tassels and trim.

Add to this our expert sewing capabilities and you can see that YES is fully capable of supplying custom drapery for most any need.

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